FashionTV parties

FashionTV is world-renowned for its exclusive events and star-studded parties, and competition is fierce for an invite. Generating huge amounts of press, and fully featured across the FashionTV network, these events are a valuable way of spreading the FashionTV brand – from the social media buzz they create to the FashionTV branded drinks they serve.

Now, thanks to the BetFashionTV VIP Club, FTVGG is opening this invite-only door to its players. Our exclusive loyalty scheme gives members the chance to gain a ticket to the hottest parties around the globe – and with it, entrance to a world of unrivalled luxury and excess. This truly is a loyalty benefit that players won’t find anywhere else online.

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FTV is world renowned from its parties and other events which serve to continually reinforcing the outstanding branding.

Celebrities are invited to the parties and mix with the crowd.

The events are extremely popular. Demand is strong and FTV viewers do whatever they can to get on to the guest list.

The parties are well integrated into all FTV offerings:

  • Parties are covered on the FashionTV channel as editorials.
  • People upload their photos and videos to the FashionTV facebook.
  • The events are widely reported on all Fashion TV media – TV, facebook, youtube and other social media.

Even the drinks served at the parties are FashionTV branded including energy drinks and mineral water.